Building peace and security through human rights and gender equality.


Advancing Law and Policy

Advance law and policy related to human rights and gender equality through:

  • Providing legal analysis and advising on human rights matters, especially as related to and gender, peace and security, immigrants and refugees 
  • Working with local, national and international institutions to create legal frameworks that address human rights and gender equality
  • Sharing global best practices on using law to achieve gender equality and empower women
  • Addressing gaps in accountability and justice for sexual violence in conflict
  • Providing access to direct legal services for immigrants and refugees

Advocacy for Action

Motivate people and institutions to take action on human rights, gender equality and migration issues by:

  • Helping people understand why these things matter globally and locally
  • Working with national and international agencies to ensure that women and gender perspectives are included in diplomatic, development and defense efforts in line with international and U.S. policy
  • Building support for initiatives to address sexual violence in conflict
  • Working with local governments to improve access to justice for immigrants and refugees

Training and Capacity Building

Empower people around the world to use international human rights frameworks to advocate for change at the international, national and local levels.  Advise and train individuals and institutions from the civil society, political, security, and justice sectors.

Organizational and Program Development and Management

Create innovative organizations that fill community needs and develop, direct and advise global programs related to human rights, gender, peace and security, sexual and gender-based violence and migration.

Research, Writing, and Public Speaking

Publish and speak on matters related to human rights, gender, peace and security and migration.

Rights-Based Education

Develop and teach academic courses related to human rights, gender, peace and security and refugee and asylum law.